Diary of a Dreamer: 4th edition

So maybe it’s not always darkest before the dawn, but I think I got pretty damn close to pitch black. When you’re flying high and get dropped out of your dreams, the shock can send you into some intense depression/frustration. I guess the best cure for my hangover of a sonho, would be to fulfill another. Copacabana, Brazil national team game, 30,000 fellow fans.

Wake up at 6:30, ride the bus through favelas and highways into the heart of rio, subway under the city to paradise. To a beach covered in soccer fields and unbelievable women.
Although I almost died in a wave three times my size, I survived to enter FIFA fanfest covered in sand, soaking wet, and shaking with joy. The World Cup. In the country who owns the beauty of the game. With the most beautiful girls in the world around me, a famous samba band on stage, and the nation s soccer hope in the balance.
Yes, this has revitalized my dream, not fully recuperated yet, but facing the right direction. Now I need to make my decision for my next life step. It’s funny, the World Cup seems to have interrupted my chances of playing soccer here. Life is funny that way I guess, I’ve learned a new language, partially, discovered how amazing my life truly is, and played the beautiful game in its spiritual homeland… And I’d say I call this living my dream.

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