Diary of a Dreamer: 1st edition


As I sit here out of breath recovering from a dribbling practice, alone and with only the ghost of Garrincha as witness to my efforts, it is hard not to put questions to myself…. What drives me forward when so many have shackled me from my dream, ruled me out of my promised land. Do I want to prove to the world anything is achievable? Do I want to prove to myself I can become anything my mind imagines? Or am I just searching for my purpose, blindly following a passion I can never let go? It’s Been a tough first month. At times, never have I felt so far from the game, sitting in the bedroom alone with no distractions leaves the mind to wander and I know now it’s up to me to control my thoughts, my attitude, define my desire and grasp it in reality. So I take I million failures, a billion no s and you’re not good enoughs, becauSe every one… Is just that step closer to the ultimate yes. Now let’s get back to training.

When life gives you limes, paint them
Yellow and call them lemons, and sip some limonade.


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