The Comeback Kids: Pirates last second plunder



The clock winds down, with scores still locked at 0-0. Pirates need 3 point to keep up the race for playoffs and it seems their luck may have run out in Mississippi. A long throw, a pass and a left footed shot… A goal for Drew Russell, 1-0 lead to Panama City Beach……….

     And just like that, the Pirates manage to pull another rabbit out of the hat in a last second victory over Missippippi Brilla… for the second game in a row

Pirate Fans, if by now you haven’t suffered from panic attacks or cardiac arrest… you deserve a medal. After all, the Pirates haven’t exactly has a cake walk on their way to the top of the table. Although first in the standings, along side Ocala, the team has just a +3 goal difference. On top of the low difference is the sources of goals.

In the past 3 last minute wins, goals have been exclusively scored by defenders within ten minutes of the final whistle.

A team of grit and determination, it seems the Pirates have found a winning formula… Battle. The style of play, victory by effort and even stealing points, seems only fitting to their mascot, Pirates.

Destiny in their own hands, the Pirates can almost taste their playoff birth.



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